Who the eff is so and so?

“My my my, how the turn tables?”…whoever can tell me where that quote is from shall get a shoutout in my next article and a free Dynamo Reckless t-shirt. Send your answers to dynamo@dynamoreckless.com or leave them in the comments. I’ve made some moves to where I’ll be able to provide opportunities for all my fans and supporters to get Dynamo Reckless merchandise. Coming to this website soon. I’ve partnered with some great people and there’s so much in the works that my head is going to explode. I try not to talk a lot of shit. I’ve always aspired to simply be a leader by example. I’m not going to tell you what I’m doing, I just do it. That’s just the way I move. Opportunities aren’t permanent so you got to move before you get left behind with nothing but regrets.

My message today is simply be you and do you. Follow your own path. Make your own lane. Yeah, so and so got on by doing a, b, and c, but guess what, you’re not so and so. A matter fact, don’t be concerned about so and so. Do you. Everyone has their place to be great. But not everyone has the audacity and nerve cialis generique comparer prix. Seize it. Relish in it. The babies are watching all of us. Make sure you do what you got to do because if you don’t, they’ll be watching some fuck ups. They’re everywhere like product placement. They’re everywhere to lead others astray. So if you not gonna do it for you, do it for the kids. If you don’t have any kids, do it for your neighbors’ and so on.  Do it for me. Hell, I’ll borrow some money from you. So in the meantime, remember these words: be you and pay no mind to so and so.



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