The Shunning (Part 2 of 3)

These labels are being savvy. A lot of independent/unsigned artists have been eating without the labels. They get their own fanbase that they cater to and do shows in the markets they do well in. So these labels are now masquerading their own signed artists as “unsigned” artists. Funding them under the table and providing them with all the resources necessary to appear as an “independent movement”. They’re buying views on YouTube. They’re getting bogus followers on social media.  There’s payola going on. The whole shabangbang. Then when the artist has generated some heat, they publicize the “signing”.

A consequence of this is these major labels are now discreetly clogging up the lanes and avenues, that independent artists have established, with these bullsh-t rappers and controlling the narrative by calling them “hot in the streets”. What we’re witnessing is one big conglomerate circle controlling an entire industry. They’re already privileged and connected; just putting each other on to the next “lick”. This is a rinse and repeat practice and has been going on for a while. More people are becoming more hip to it; however, it’s still becoming the norm. I’m sure there are some independent artists who do have plenty of funding starting out without the help from a major, but none come to mind at the moment. And looking at the landscape of the “movements” today, I can confidently say A LOT have a major backing them; even if they claim they do not.

Now, I don’t get caught up in what other people are doing enough to feel threatened by these practices. My only concern with this trend is it’s used as behavior modeling and modification. That’s right commander le cialis. It’s a weapon to pimp, exploit, destroy, and mislead the communities of the poor and working class. As a kid, we never wanted to be like the fiends. Kids today are being conditioned to believe it’s okay if you go that route and stay there because every other new act spreads propaganda that says its okay to be strung out as long as you can ride a beat and make that sh-t sound good.

(Part 3 –  1/13/2017)


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