“Kids is Watching…”

“Kids is Watching…”

I wanted to do this entry on Kanye but as with most things my misadventures tend to venture, I had a change of mind.

…I have a thing for “The Get Down”. As a writer, a lover of hip hop, and everything in between…the production just speaks to me, and the person I’ve been giving a voice over the past year has found focus within its randomness. What I love is how the show focuses on the experience of kids, teens and whatnot, during the birth of hip hop. It would be a few years before I was unleashed on this world but I’ve practically been around since the days of Sedgwick Avenue Herc parties. I was a little guy rocking out to N.W.A., Public Enemy, Rakim, Kane…and come of age to Snoop/Dre, ‘Kast, No Limit/Cash Money, Ruff Ryders, Roc-A-Fella, so on and so forth.

Hip hop/rap is in my DNA, alongside royalty and loyalty 😉

But I think on the kids, the younger generation of now…and the bullshit presented to them. At 35, I’m not in the demographic of ANYONE with a Lil’ in their name or anyone who honestly wouldn’t be “hot” if it weren’t for their bubblegum producer. 

Sorry…not sorry.

Drake’s nothing but a more palatable Lil’ Wayne for soccer moms and sorority chicks in the gated community on UT’s campus; I’ve already made my feelings more than well-known about the majority of the “popular” artists coming out of the A (well, the South); and while we’re speaking on hip hop/rap…what has happened to R&B??? 

Guess Beyonce fulfilled her destiny. Child…

“But Cruel Summer (I’m no longer L. Migraine, remember), how can you seriously speak about ignorance in hip hop/rap today when you came up with N.W.A., Snoop, etc.???”

Simple: N.W.A. was coherent in their ignorance and helped voice a voiceless population; Snoop didn’t sound like anyone else in the industry; 2Pac was the flawed Black man most of us are but aren’t courageous enough to admit (and, unfortunately, his flaws got him flushed); KRS and Public Enemy gave us hope beyond the status quo.

So on and so forth. Me, I shouldn’t have to explain that money, cars and clothes weren’t the only thing a nigga knows, or that while I was coming straight outta Bristol (TN) I was still a young Black male in America that could EASILY be mistaken for that which I wasn’t. Yeah, we had poppy acts like Hammer, fakers like Vanilla Ice, and silly cats like Biz, Fresh Prince, and Kid N Play. The scene was diverse: not just in the record stores but on the TVs, the radio stations, alladat. Check freexxx.cc. Your current radio stations? GARBAGE. My Sirius XM stays on “Backspin”…but I digress.

So, yeah: I know my generation ushered in the blinged out bitches and gangster narratives of materialistic mayhem. It wasn’t “meant” for my young ears but I wouldn’t trade it for this pop nonsense of today. Ain’t nothing new under the sun…but something just seems more deplorable than a Trump supporter waving a Tiki torch 😉

Nah, but I thank God for growing up during hip hop’s Golden Age. I wouldn’t be who I am if I weren’t a product of the 80s and 90s. I got love for SOME of these newer cats…but y’all can miss me with these Instagram dudes.

I mean…I’m an old head that’s proud of the label. Fight me 😉
Peace, two fingers.

“Hey young world (the world is yours)…”

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