“It’s Only Entertainment!!!”


(Chapter 9)

So in my last post I made some “controversial” remarks regarding the South, “Running hip hop into the ground” and whatnot. If y’all haven’t caught on I do and say things deliberately ‘cause some of y’all ain’t caught on. And when I know you haven’t caught on but still choose to get caught up…don’t get mad if you get called out.

I digress, though. Y’all didn’t come here for my flawed bravado.

See, I was born in ’82. I honestly had no choice to embrace hip hop/rap. And growing up in TN meant I was lucky to be introduced to a wide spectrum of music spanning ALL the Divided States of Embarrassment (that’s another story). But I’m still from the South; and like Black people sitting together in the cafeteria, I’ma gravitate to what resembles me.

My first exposure to Southern hip hop probably came around 1991 with Geto Boyz’ “Mind Playing Tricks On Me”. At 9 years of age, I didn’t know what in the hell was going on in the song…but I knew I liked it. 20+ years later in a tattoo parlor I was nodding my head (to Scarface sitting alone in his four-cornered room) while getting the “Love” & “Hate” on my right and left arms. 

And I still don’t know what the brothers were on about. I kid, I kid. 

So fast forward through ‘92-’94, Kris Kross and all that sort…and I discover two of Dungeon Family’s finest: Goodie Mob and OutKast. Again, too young to fully understand the seriousness of the subject matter but I was ear for it then, and more than overstand it now. While I might not have been able to fully relate to Big Boi’s modus operandi (trust me: I wasn’t checking my pager for a junkie that’s a junkie 365) or Dungeon Family’s overall urban upbringing, I saw brothers who were quiet but not quite.

Just like me.

Ah…but in the middle of all this woke, pro-Black Dirty South love…my White brother (Slim Shady before Marshall even Mat(h)tered) came through with the No Limit, Hypnotize Minds (Three-6 Mafia, Project Pat, etc.), and Cash Money. My 1996-2000 can be summed up with Pen & Pixel covers, a No Limit necklace purchase from the middle of the mall kiosk (judge me, I don’t give a damn), and an obsession with C-Murder. It made me diverse, I suppose, and there’s a good chance you’ll still catch me bumping some TRU, or some old school Three-6.

So here we are, my young adult to grown-assed man years. I’m still on those childish things that the Bible say I should have abandoned by now. I loathed the “new” Lil’ Wayne, I wasn’t here for snap rap (I wasn’t knucking for nothing), and I could deal with T.I. and Jeezy to a point. Thank God for J. Cole, I suppose…

And now we’re in 2017, present day, and I have to account for why I feel like the South ran hip hop into the ground. I’ll sum it up like so:

1. I refuse to co-sign incoherent ignorance. Plain and simple. I don’t care about how many hoes, cars, IG likes…if you’re garbage, you’re garbage.

2. I was raised off Goodie, ‘Kast, Master P/Mystikal, 8Ball, ‘Face, Bun B…so on and so forth.

3. I have the UTMOST respect for Little Brother, J. Cole, Bun B, ‘Kast, Luda, Big K.R.I.T., and Jay Electronica.

4. I got love for Jeezy, P & the whole No Limit family, pre-whatever it is they got going on these days Cash Money, Three-6 Mafia/Hypnotize Minds, and the producers who are making these present-day terrible dudes sound tolerable.

5. I have NO respect for Young Thug, Migos, Lil’ Uzi Vert, Kodak Black, Plies, 2 Chainz (or Tity Boi), Lil’ Sailboat, and all these other Southern artists that ain’t about nothing.

6. I grew up with Lil’ Wayne. I dug on him up until around the Carter series days. He might have fooled some of y’all, but he didn’t do a damned thing but find a new way to wobbledy-wobbledy and drop it like it’s hot. We can parlay all day about the pros and cons of Dewayne Carter but I ain’t convinced. If he put out more “Gossip”, “I’m Me”, and “Hollywood Divorce) bars…I might believe him.

7. Speaking of Wayne…you know why I don’t respect Wayne, 2 Chainz, and Algernod Lanier Washington aka Plies? ‘Cause they have college educations and choose to be ignorant for a buck. 

8. Thank God hip hop/rap is subjective, though.

9. But, ya know, I’m a hater. It’s only entertainment, right 😉

10. But damn if it doesn’t have a nice beat.

So, no…I don’t regret my statements about the South running things into the ground. You can blame the ad execs, radio execs, label execs: I’ll blame the dudes/ladies who didn’t have to step up to the mic. I’ll blame the oversaturation, the biting by other coasts. I’ll “blame” 3 Stacks for telling us the South had something to say way back in ‘95…’cause now EVERYBODY got a voice.

And we all buying in to the foolishness.

“And the White man getting paid off of alladat…”

Peace, two fingers.

“Return of the gangsta, thanks ta’                                                                                                                               Them niggas that thank you soft
                                                                                                                                 And say y’all be gospel rappin’
                                                                                                                                      But they be steady clappin’ when you talk about
                                                                                                  Bitches and switches and hoes and clothes and weed
                                                                                           Let’s talk about time travelin’, rhyme javelin

Somethin’ mind unravelin’: GET DOWN!”раскрутка сайта

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