Dynamo Reckless

Dynamo is a native of Knoxville, TN who is no stranger to the music industry. Dynamo began recording at the age of 14 after secretly crafting a style and delivery that was so impressive it gained him notoriety locally and internationally. While in high school, Dynamo somewhat lived a double life by going to school and becoming a standout football player through the week and going to perform and record over the weekends and off-season.

“I spent just as much time in New York and Atlanta as I did actually being at home. It was crazy man. I’d have a game Friday night, then afterwards I’d rush home to take a shower and hit the road to whereever I needed to be for my music.” Dynamo maintained a hectic schedule throughout high school and was faced with a tough decision to either pursue music full-time or go to college where he could possibly try to continue his career in football and get an education. After being involved in music and seeing the darker side of the industry while very young, Dynamo opted to go to college and agreed to continue music on the side. Dynamo’s love for the art form and Hip-Hop kept him from leaving the game completely.  However, his focus was redirected to a world he felt was more based on talent, skill, and potential as opposed to the politics he saw plague the music industry. While in college, Dynamo began to enjoy some of the things he felt he missed out on while in high school and became interested in other endeavors outside of music and football.

“I was really burnt out by the time I got to UTK. I just wanted to try new things and grow in other aspects of my life.” Dynamo’s last musical venture while in college after an appearance on B.E.T.’s 106th and Park, was a mere month-long stay in Berlin, Germany where Dynamo recorded with German rap artists and capitalized on the growing Hip Hop market in the country. “Despite all the people that were impressed by my craft while I was a kid, that experience was where I began to grow and transition into the artist that I am today.” After returning to the states, Dynamo took a break from rapping completely and for the first time since he was 14 years old and solely focused on school. “At that point, I didn’t care about anything that wasn’t immediately gratifying. I was getting the attention and respect musically, but I was all about ‘right now’ and securing a future that I felt I could use to retire my parents and take care of my family. In that period of my life, music wasn’t doin’ it and I knew I was way better than the people who was gettin’ on,”.

During Dynamo’s hiatus from music, the last of his recordings from Germany were in circulation around the country and his popularity was maintained as if he was still active with his rap career. Eventually a growing demand for new material from Dynamo became apparent. “I got a homeboy who I use to cipher with a lot; I guess one night some of my n*ggas was out while I was somewhere else and they was just lettin’ my songs bang out. He hit me up the next morning like, ‘you got a gift…what the f*ck are you doing?’ I got a lot of respect for him musically and just in general so I guess his words really stuck to me. I thought about what he said that whole day. It just echoed in my head.”

Soon after, Dynamo made the decision that he would be making a full-time return to music. While preparing for his return to music, Dynamo received his degree from college and immediately began recording in Atlanta. His first offering following his return to the hip hop industry is his album ‘On the Brink’. “This album is basically like my reintroduction to those who remember when I was a kid and it serves as a scratch on the surface for those who’ve never heard of me. Either way, one thing that you will experience with this album is, I’m not one for all that extra-curricular bullsh*t that we see run rampant in rap music today. I’m bringing the focus back to the art-form and craft. There’s no weak *ss gimmicks or startin’ any beefs for a buzz. I’m confident enough in my music to where I feel I can let the songs speak for themselves.” Some listeners deem the album as a manifestation of the emotional roller-coaster Dynamo has endured filled with hope, success, failure, frustration, and the beginning of a new mission: to dominate.

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