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“Kids is Watching…”

“Kids is Watching…” I wanted to do this entry on Kanye but as with most things my misadventures tend to venture, I had a change of mind. 

…I have a thing for “The Get Down”. As a writer, a lover of hip hop, and everything in between…the production just speaks to me, and the person […]

“It’s Only Entertainment!!!”

 (Chapter 9)

 So in my last post I made some “controversial” remarks regarding the South, “Running hip hop into the ground” and whatnot. If y’all haven’t caught on I do and say things deliberately ‘cause some of y’all ain’t caught on. And when I know you haven’t caught on but still […]

Bangin’ On Wax… (Chapter 3)

“Bangin’ On Wax (Chapter 3)” By: L. Migraine …WHOO! Unless you’ve been under a rock, buried under paperwork, or in a state of don’t really give a damn: the Hip Hop Beef Gods channeled (some of) their energy into Remy Ma and we got “ShEther”. Granted it wasn’t THE best thing diss-related (I mean, you […]

“A Resurrected Funeral…” (Chapter 2)

L. Migraine “A Resurrected Funeral…” (Chapter 2) HIP.HOP.IS.DEAD. Wait, let me back up a sec. I gotta say thanks to everyone who showed love with the first piece. A great man once complained about people laming out on the prophecy of his first joint, only for same said lames throwing appreciation upon his second coming. […]

“Check Out My Melody…” (Chapter 1)

“Check Out My Melody…” (Chapter 1) …and I’m here. It’s taken a good minute (and I’m sure Reckless has been cursing me out since that night back in October), but I’m here now. I sincerely thank my man Dynamo for giving me an opportunity to put my words out into the world. Hopefully y’all will […]

The Shunning (Part 2 of 3)

These labels are being savvy. A lot of independent/unsigned artists have been eating without the labels. They get their own fanbase that they cater to and do shows in the markets they do well in. So these labels are now masquerading their own signed artists as “unsigned” artists. Funding them under the table and providing […]