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My week has been unrelenting, so I promised myself I’d do my best to take some time to recharge and gather my wits. Wrong! Life waits for no one and business won’t take care of itself just because you’re tired. If you don’t believe that, you better snap out that fucking dream! Word to RZA. So since my attempt of momentary peace was only an attempt, why not hit you all off with a little blog/article/editorial/commentary/or whatever it grammatically meets the criteria of. I’ve recently partnered with some great people and have some big plans underway. A lot people believe they’re on to the next big thing or that they have the mythical unicorn in their possession. I don’t proclaim either, but what I’m on to has already began to materialize. “Don’t believe me, just watch.” Word to Trinidad James.

So to all my supporters, this is an exciting time for us. To everyone on to the next big thing with that magical unicorn, holler at me when you reach the point where you want a dope ghostwriter. Rhymes or whatever, I got you! But to touch on a more serious note, I’ve noticed that we as a society are becoming conditioned to be dissatisfied with ourselves. Everyday people are having to demand and fight for their worth as human beings. No matter how much you achieve, you can always achieve more. No matter how much you have, you can always have more. No matter how famous you are, you can always be more famous. That’s what we’re told, and no one is excluded or protected from “worth minimization”. Through the media, there’s a consistent message, “you’re not good enough.” So what do we do?

We go to social media! We get on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. and post pictures that may blur or distort our originality and uniqueness. We use photos and status updates to recreate our reality. We run up on celebrities with the sole intent to take a picture with them just to post on social media. Not to record an exciting moment. Even celebrities do this to even more famous celebrities. Now I’m not saying these acts are bad. And I’m definitely not trying to antagonize anyone who may have taken part in any of the previously mentioned acts. We’ve all done something of said nature and everyone’s intent is not the same. I note my observation to point to a deeper occurrence at hand. We’re subconsciously compensating for what we perceptually lack through the lens of the values that are perpetuated by commercialized media that is supposed to be the voice of the people.

But the reality is, we don’t have to do any of that shit.We all are worthy! We all have worth! And the things they tell you that you must obtain to be recognized as a significant human being is all bullshit. Without the things society says is needed to be “worthy” of being, you still mean a lot to somebody. If you believe you have nobody, guess what, you mean a lot to me. Your support plays a significant role in my life and my goals. So don’t let anyone else decide your worth. You decide commander du cialis pas cher. You make a difference in the world and in the lives of those around you. One of man’s most inaccurate beliefs is that we believe that the history books we write are most important and accurate. Wrong!

Dynamo Reckless

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