First Things First

“First things first”, I really appreciate you taking the time to read my blog/article/editorial/commentary/or whatever it grammatically meets the criteria of. As we all know, the internet can be an infinite place, but you’ve taken time out of your day to read this piece. So before I go any further, I really want to thank you. For years, music has been a joy and a pleasure to create. It’s also become a form of catharsis for me. But as I progress, I’d like to have an outlet where I can plaster my ideas without limited characters or long ass status updates. You can still find me on Twitter @MistaDyna and I have a Facebook fanpage as well: Dynamo Reckless. But eventually this will become my primary channel to reach out to you all. So instead of me spamming your newsfeed with all my music, I’ll use this website as an engine to provide you all with the latest straight from the source. From new material to commentary on world issues to all things Dyna, this will be the location to get it first.

I’ll be posting narrations (such as this one) on a regular basis from here on out and will do so regularly. Whatever I have in mind at the moment is what I’ll leave here on the site for you to check out. These posts will be informal, so forgive me if my grammar isn’t always as impeccable as I’m known to boast. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy and also have a better idea of the type of artist and person you’re supporting acheter cialis 5. The rap game is very competitive, but I’ve noticed that a lot of rappers out here are saying the exact same thing over the same beats. As a fan and student of this genre of expression, I need something innovative to stay motivated and enthused. Who better than me to make myself happy as a fan? And why not share my motivation and enthusiasm with the people I care about most: you, my fellow fans and supporters. Though it may look like it’s occurring at times thanks to social media, I’m not advocating that every single person that likes rap music go and pick up a mic and pursue it as a career. It’s not always what it appears and if everyone was the rapper, then how would rap survive? We, as fans, keep this thing alive. So hang tight. This was only an introduction. I look forward to sharing my ideas with you. I also look forward to hearing your ideas as well. Some real shit is about to happen and I thank you for being a part of it.

Dynamo Reckless

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